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The order amount does not match the billing amount(Payment by credit card)

How to confirm

You are able to confirm the order amount and the billing date from the order history.

1.Click 「購入履歴」 to confirm the order history

2.Click 「出荷明細」 at the top left-hand corner

3.Please search by 「クレジットカード請求処理日(Credit card billing date)」、choose the credit card detail as the payment method and set the period you would like to confirm.
 ※The “Shipping date” of the month is set as the default.

4.The results will come out.
※If you have used point or coupon, you can confirm the details from the column of 「ポイント・クーポン」.

For example

E.g.1:Confirm the billing information from a specific billing date shown on the statement.

For example, if you want to confirm the billing information charged on 5 February, please set the conditions as follows.

Extraction date: Billing date (クレジットカード請求処理日 )
Period:5th Feb
Payment method: The card you used for payment
Target: All (すべて表示)

E.g.2:Fail to confirm the matched information from specific billing date.

The credit card cut-off date of the Super Delivery will be the 10th and the 25th of each month. After that, the data will be sent to the credit card company, please note that the time for the data to be reflected depends on the credit card company. If the cut-off date of the credit card company is not the same as Super Delivery, please try to confirm the information with the below conditions.

For example, the billing date of the credit card company is 27 Feb, but you cannot confirm the related information by searching the billing date just like E.g. 1, please search the billing information from a certain period instead.

Extraction date: Billing date (クレジットカード請求処理日)
Period:11 Feb ~25 Feb
Payment method: The card you used for payment
Target: All (すべて表示)

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