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Account suspension and reactivation

Account suspension

You may submit your request from the page of ‘Suspension of the membership’.
After you have completed that process of the account suspension, the monthly membership fee will be canceled from the next month.
You will need to pay the monthly membership fee again when you decided to reactivate your account.
Suspension of the membership

Cancellation of the account suspension request

If you wish to cancel the request of the account suspension,
please contact the support desk by 6PM of the last business day of the month (weekdays).

Account reactivation

Access to the login page, login with your email address/login ID and your password.

  • Payment by credit card
    The membership will be reactivated immediately once you have completed the registration of the credit card.
  • Payment by bank transfer
    Please contact the support desk.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
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