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Membership Fee Payment

Payment method

  • Credit card
  • Direct Debit

*Receipts for membership fees will not be issued.Payment statements or copies for payment details will be taken as the equivalent.

Payment Date

Payment method Billing date Note
Credit Card 1st day of every month In case billing cannot be done on the 1st, it will be charged on the 11th, 21st, or last day of the month. The withdrawal date depends on each credit card company.
Direct Debit 23rd day of every month Billing dates will be the next business day if it is a holiday.

In case payment cannot be confirmed

If you failed to bill at the start of the month, or resumed your account during the month, we will send a combined bill to your card company in the following month.

Example: If bills for two months are debited in the same month.The previous month’s amount could not be billed at the beginning of that month. Then the amount for the previous month and the amount for the current month, will be billed together in the current month.

If your payment cannot be confirmed for two consecutive months

Your account will be temporarily deactivated for the following month, and you will be billed for the two unpaid months.

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