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Changing the contact information

If the company name (shop name) or the name of the representative has been changed and it becomes a different company, you need to cancel your account and register a new account again.
*At that time, the membership registration and the using of Paid(pay later) will be confirmed again。

1. After login, place the mouse pointer on your shop name on the top-right hand corner, then click the [会員情報の変更] (Manage account information) button.

2. Select the tab of「連絡先」(Contact information).

3. Input the information you wish to change, and move to the confirmation page.

4. Please double-confirm the information, and click the send(送信) button.
*Part of the information is needed to be confirmed by the support desk, it may take some time for the reflection.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
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