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How to make a Bulk Request(一括申請)

Utilize “Bulk Request(一括申請)” to request price disclosure from all available suppliers at once!

The “Bulk Request(一括申請)” feature allows you to view the wholesale prices of all available suppliers without hassle.
In the Japanese version of SUPER DELIVERY, wholesale prices are not disclosed for brand management and commercial area protection. Therefore, you need to apply for price disclosure to each supplier. However, you can apply for price disclosure to all suppliers at once by using the “Bulk Request(一括申請)”.

How to make a Bulk Request(一括申請)

1.Please click 「Change member information(会員情報の変更)」

2-1. If there is a blue button of “一括申請を申し込む”
Please click the “一括申請を申し込む” button to apply in batches.

2-2. If the blue button of “一括申請を申し込む” does not appear
Please update the following store information first.

-“お店紹介” (By changing the content of the store information, increase the application pass rate.)

After the update is complete, go back to “Change Member Information (会員情報の変更)”, the blue button of “Apply in batches (一括申請を申し込み)” will appear on the web page. Click the application to complete it.

Each supplier will review your application within 1-3 business days. The result of the application will be displayed in the “Message(メッセージ)” section as “Transaction Approved(取引許可)” or “Transaction Denied(取引不許可)”.You can also confirm the result in the email titled “件名:お取引のお願い” or “件名:お取引について”.

For manufacturers that can apply, batch applications will be automatically applied at the same time as the application.
Please note that you cannot cancel after applying.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
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