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What you need to prepare for business confirmation.

Operating a real shop total 3 photos of your shop
・outside appearance with the signboard included
・the inside view of your shop
・the display of the products
*Parts of the vendors will refuse your trading application if you do not provide any photo. Hence, we highly suggest you to prepare your photo.
Preparing to open a shop(only for real shop) Opening with a rental property
Please provide your rental contract.
・the address of the rental place
・rental period
・rental purpose is for business / shop
・the sign and seal of the place’s owner and you


Opening with your own property(ex. in your house)
・the outside appearance while preparing
・the inside photo(with at least two different angle)
About the registration of those who are preparing to open their business

Operating an online shop Please provide the URL of your shop in which you plan to sell the products purchased from us.

*Other than the above, please provide the related documents for us to confirm.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
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